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About Musemage app

Obtain the Cinematic Look

Through a straightforward download, Musemage unveils the capabilities of the user’s mobile device camera like no other application can. Musemage’s most distinctive feature lies in its ability to employ various filters and effects in real-time processing while capturing footage or taking photos, all in full HD video and full-resolution images—no waiting required!

Give it a try now, and witness the remarkable features of Musemage!

[Four Professional Shooting Modes]

In Video Mode, multiple shooting features unfold simultaneously.

Photo Mode presents various camera lenses and filters in real-time to assist in capturing the perfect shot.

Blue Screen allows for the replacement of any background with a humorous picture or a video of one’s choice.

Magic Color permits the alteration of any object’s color, providing utility in any situation.

[Abundant Real-time Functions in Shooting]

Exclusive video stabilization

Five-axis video stabilization, utilizing digital video stabilization technology on mobile phones. Ensures a rock-solid frame even during handheld shooting in bumpy conditions.

Real-Time Beauty

Full HD video real-beautifying, addressing wrinkles, blemishes, hair, eyes, and other details. Instantly achieves a smooth complexion.

Real-time HDR

Automatically controls the brightness of picture details, restoring normal exposure, shadows, and highlights with a detail range of 3 EV or more. Adjusts exposure and tone mapping, resulting in more realistic and brighter scenes.

Twenty-six camera lens filters and special effects filters

Five Lens Filters (bokeh, tilt-shift, vignette, etc.)

Six Distortion Filters (perspective correction, fisheye, etc.)

Six Art Filters (paintings, drawings, gouache, etc.)

Five Weather Filters (reflection, defog, snow, etc.)

Five Equipment Filters (spotlight, wide-screen, thermal, etc.)

Forty-four color filters in real-time

Six Adventure filters

Seven Film filters

Six Black and White filters

Six Lomo filters

Five Documentary filters

Four Light Leakage filters

Ten Movie filters

[Contact Musemage]

Email feedback: [email protected]

Instagram Account: musemage_app

Facebook Account: Musemage

Download Musemage app for android

Thank you for your interest in the Musemage app. To download the app and enjoy its unique features, please follow the official steps below:

  1. Click on the app’s Download icon to open its page.
  2. On the page, click the “Download APK” button to initiate the download and installation process.
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Paraken Technology Co., Ltd.
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Works on Android 4.3+
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Paraken Technology Co., Ltd.
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Rating & Reviews
You can easily download the latest version of this application from the Best APK Download website.
Musemage is a comprehensive photo and video editing app designed to enhance your creative projects. It stands out due to its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and innovative tools for both photo and video editing. Explore a wide range of filters, effects, and editing capabilities to bring your visual ideas to life.
Musemage is designed to be accessible for users of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to add a creative touch to your photos and videos or an experienced professional seeking advanced editing features, Musemage provides a user-friendly interface with options for both basic and advanced editing.
Musemage is compatible with various platforms and devices. Ensure that you check the app store specific to your device (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) for the most up-to-date information. Typically, Musemage supports iOS and Android devices, offering a seamless editing experience on smartphones and tablets.
Musemage may offer additional features through in-app purchases or subscription plans. Check the app's details on the respective app store to understand any optional purchases or subscription models. This information is subject to change, so it's recommended to review the app's current pricing and subscription details for the most accurate information.
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