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About Shutterfly Share Sites app

Users can share photos, events, and communicate with their groups anywhere, anytime.

An important announcement has been made regarding Share Sites: Effective March 27, 2023, all Share Sites will be deactivated, and users will no longer have access to the content on Share Sites.

The decision to discontinue supporting Share Sites was not an easy one to make; it has been the organization’s privilege to assist customers in sharing life’s most memorable moments with the service. Unfortunately, after careful consideration, the organization has made the challenging decision to discontinue supporting Share Sites so that they can focus on enhancing other products and services to better serve customers.

For more information, individuals are encouraged to visit the Share Sites Closure page (

The organization is honored to have helped Share Sites customers share life’s memories with others and is committed to supporting their needs in this process. They hope to continue serving Share Sites customers through other Shutterfly services and products.

Download Shutterfly Share Sites app for android

Thank you for your interest in the Shutterfly Share Sites app. To download the app and enjoy its unique features, please follow the official steps below:

  1. Click on the app’s Download icon to open its page.
  2. On the page, click the “Download APK” button to initiate the download and installation process.
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You can easily download the latest version of this application from the Best APK Download website.
Shutterfly Share Sites app is a platform that allows users to create private websites for sharing and organizing photos, videos, and other content with friends and family. Users can customize their Share Sites with themes, layouts, and privacy settings. To use the app, simply download it, sign in to your Shutterfly account, and start creating your personalized Share Site to share memories with your loved ones.
Inviting others to your Shutterfly Share Site is easy. Once your site is set up, navigate to the sharing settings where you can invite specific individuals via email. You can also share a direct link to your site. Depending on your privacy settings, you can grant viewing or contributing access to your invited members. This way, friends and family can easily access and contribute to the shared content on your site.
Yes, the Shutterfly Share Sites app offers customization options to personalize the appearance of your site. You can choose from a variety of themes, layouts, and designs to make your Share Site unique. Additionally, you can upload a custom banner and update the site's title to reflect the content and theme of your shared memories. Take advantage of these customization features to make your Share Site visually appealing and reflective of your personal style.
Shutterfly Share Sites app provides users with various privacy settings to control who can access their shared content. You can choose to make your site public, private, or accessible only to invited members. Additionally, within the invited members, you can specify whether they have viewing or contributing permissions. This flexibility ensures that you have control over the privacy of your shared memories, allowing you to share moments with the people you choose while maintaining the level of privacy that you're comfortable with.
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