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Doublemill 2

Doublemill 2 Powered by +1 Labs
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About Doublemill 2 game

Experience a contemporary version of the classic nine men’s morris game.

The latest release, Doublemill 3, is now available, offering online multiplayer matches, enhanced AI, and entirely new graphics, making it the finest iteration of Doublemill yet.

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Doublemill 2 revitalizes the renowned nine men’s morris game with a modern twist. Players can enjoy a sleekly designed game with precise controls and smooth graphics. Doublemill 2 introduces various game modes, including the “challenge” mode, where players battle against an increasingly powerful AI through numerous levels. For those who prefer to set their opponent’s difficulty level, “freeplay” mode is available. The “heads up” mode allows two players to compete on a single device, determining who is the superior strategist.

Feedback from players is greatly valued and appreciated.

Additionally, checkers is now available, incorporating the same excellent design quality.

Download Doublemill 2 game for android

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To capture your opponent's pieces in Doublemill 2, you need to form a "mill" by aligning three of your pieces in a straight line along any of the marked lines on the game board. When you create a mill, you are then allowed to remove one of your opponent's pieces from the board. Keep in mind that you cannot capture pieces that are part of a mill unless there are no other available options.
The opening phase of Doublemill 2 occurs when both players are placing their pieces on the board, aiming to set up potential mills. Once all pieces are placed, the game transitions into the closing phase. During the closing phase, players take turns moving their pieces to create mills and capture opponent pieces. Understanding the strategic shift between these two phases is crucial for developing a successful game plan.
In Doublemill 2, during the opening phase, players can place their pieces on any vacant intersection point on the board. However, once all pieces are placed, the game transitions to the closing phase, where players take turns moving their pieces along the marked lines. Each move must be made to an adjacent empty spot, following the connected lines on the board. Understanding the movement rules is essential for effective positioning and capturing.
The primary goal of Doublemill 2 is to strategically outmaneuver your opponent by either reducing their pieces to two or by blocking their pieces so they cannot make a legal move. Once a player is left with only two pieces or is unable to make a legal move, they lose the game. Planning ahead, creating mills to capture opponent pieces, and controlling key areas of the board are crucial elements in achieving victory in Doublemill 2.
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