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Ice Scream 6 Powered by Keplerians Horror Games
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About Ice Scream 6 game

Charlie embarks on an exploration of the kitchen to reunite with his friends. In the preceding chapter, J. collaborated with Mike to facilitate his escape from the engine room, leading them to meet in the control room. Nevertheless, two friends still require rescue, and it appears they have already located the next one, now situated within the factory’s kitchen.

This latest installment places players in the shoes of Charlie, who remains disoriented within the factory. With J.’s assistance, Charlie must confront the myriad dangers lurking within the factory. Players can seamlessly switch between controlling J. and Charlie, allowing exploration of distinct areas tied to each character. Delve into new sections of the factory in this chapter, encounter the formidable Super Robot overseeing the kitchen, and confront the Mini-Rods and the ice-cream man to reunite the friends.

Key Features:
★ Character Switch System: Transition between playing as J. and Charlie, uncovering diverse areas based on the selected character.
★ New Enemy: Confront the formidable Super Robot in this chapter, while evading the Mini Rods guarding the ice cream factory—intent on impeding your progress and alerting Rod if they spot you. Showcase your skills by dodging and evading them.
★ Engaging Puzzles: Solve clever puzzles to bring your friends back together.
★ Mini Game: Conclude this chapter’s most thrilling puzzle presented in the form of a mini-game.
★ Original Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the Ice Scream universe with distinctive music synchronized with the saga’s rhythm, along with voices exclusively recorded for the game.
★ Hint System: When stuck, access a detailed hint window offering multiple options tailored to your playstyle, assisting in puzzle-solving.
★ Various Difficulty Levels: Play at a comfortable pace and explore securely in ghost mode, or challenge Rod and his assistants across different difficulty levels that will test your abilities.
★ A Terrifyingly Fun Game for All: Whether you seek fantasy, horror, or fun, Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie delivers an experience filled with action and scares, suitable for everyone.

For an optimal experience, it is recommended to play with headphones. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Download Ice Scream 6 game for android

Thank you for your interest in the Ice Scream 6 game. To download the game and enjoy its unique features, please follow the official steps below:

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  2. On the page, click the “Download APK” button to initiate the download and installation process.
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Keplerians Horror Games
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Works on Android 5.1+
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Keplerians Horror Games
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TeenFantasy Violence
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Rating & Reviews
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Ice Scream 6 follows the continuing saga of Rod, the ice cream man with a dark secret. Players must navigate through a series of chilling puzzles and challenges to uncover the truth behind Rod's sinister actions. The game introduces new characters and locations, adding layers to the overarching narrative. Explore the mystery as you try to outsmart Rod and rescue the kidnapped children.
Ice Scream 6 offers an immersive horror experience with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Players can expect a mix of stealth, strategy, and puzzle-solving as they explore different environments. The game introduces new abilities and tools to help players evade Rod and save the captured children. The dynamic AI of Rod ensures unpredictable encounters, keeping players on the edge of their seats.
Yes, Ice Scream 6 introduces new characters that play pivotal roles in the unfolding story. Expect to encounter fresh challenges and enemies, each with unique characteristics and behaviors. Players will need to adapt their strategies to outsmart these new adversaries and progress through the game. The addition of new characters adds depth to the Ice Scream universe and provides fresh challenges for players.
While familiarity with the previous Ice Scream games may enhance your overall understanding of the storyline, Ice Scream 6 is designed to be accessible to both new and returning players. The game provides enough context for newcomers to enjoy the experience without feeling lost. However, players who have followed the series from the beginning may appreciate the deeper connections and references to earlier installments in the Ice Scream saga.
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