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About Idle Magic School game

Join a community of thousands of enthusiasts and embark on a journey to cultivate, trade, or acquire cannabis online!

From the creative minds behind Weed Planet and Weed Shop emerges a fresh social adventure in weed cultivation – Weed Garden The Game!

Players have the opportunity to establish a Weed Shop franchise in the Massachusetts woods and cultivate cannabis in their outdoor garden. The goal is to sell the harvested product to local enthusiasts, online customers, or even through the weed warehouse. Accumulate substantial wealth, enhance and personalize the shop, or adorn the weed garden with distinctive Rastafarian decorations. By connecting to the PotFace network, players can exchange weed seeds with friends on Facebook, globally buy or engage in less savory activities like stealing weed, visiting, or robbing other weed establishments.

Features of Weed Garden The Game:

  1. Explore New Shop & Garden Upgrades: Tailor the appearance of the shop both inside and out!
  2. Diverse Cannabis Strains: Cultivate unique strains such as Bob Marley Sativa, New York Diesel, and many more.
  3. Online Cannabis Marketplace: Participate in the global buying and selling of cannabis, explore various shops, and receive complimentary seeds!
  4. Employ Thugs: Deploy thugs and shoplifters to rival weed shops, yielding significant rewards!
  5. Utilize the Weed Warehouse: Maximize profits by wholesaling your cultivated crops!
  6. Leisure Activities: Partake in recreational activities, including enjoying the fruits of your labor, shooting hoops, practicing field goals, and more.
  7. Immersive 3D Environment: Immerse yourself in a captivating 3D setting for an authentic and engaging weed-growing experience.

It’s important to note that Weed Garden The Game demands substantial device resources due to its intricate 3D design. Playing on devices with less than 2GB of RAM is discouraged.

Disclaimer: Weed Garden The Game contains references to cannabis and features mature humor, intended exclusively for a mature audience. All depicted events and characters are entirely fictional. For accurate information regarding the legal status of medical or recreational cannabis use in your locality, consult with local law enforcement agencies.

Download Idle Magic School game for android

Thank you for your interest in the Idle Magic School game. To download the game and enjoy its unique features, please follow the official steps below:

  1. Click on the app’s Download icon to open its page.
  2. On the page, click the “Download APK” button to initiate the download and installation process.
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You can easily download the latest version of this application from the Best APK Download website.
In Idle Magic School, the idle magic system allows your magical students to progress and earn resources even when you're not actively playing. Make sure to assign tasks and classes to your students before closing the app to maximize your magical school's productivity. The longer they study, the more magical power and rewards you'll accumulate.
The game offers a variety of classes and activities for your magical students, each contributing to their growth and your overall school performance. Some classes focus on enhancing specific magical abilities, while others generate resources or unlock new features. Experiment with different combinations to optimize your school's efficiency and unlock new magical powers.
While you can purchase premium currency through in-app purchases, there are also ways to earn it without spending real money. Keep an eye out for daily rewards, achievements, and special events that may offer premium currency as prizes. Additionally, completing certain milestones in the game or participating in time-limited events can provide you with the valuable currency needed to enhance your magical school experience.
Magical events in Idle Magic School are special occurrences that bring unique challenges and opportunities to the game. These events often feature exclusive rewards, limited-time classes, and themed activities. Participate actively during these events to earn event-specific currency and unlock rare items. Be sure to check the event calendar regularly and plan your gameplay to make the most of these magical opportunities.
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