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About Life Of Wolf 2014 FREE Game

In the realm of destiny, a wandering wolf found its path. Until one fateful day when it encountered the leader of a wolf pack, saving it from the clutches of an evil group of fellow wolves. This marks the beginning of a tale wherein the protagonist, the wandering wolf, strives to ascend and become the head of the wolf pack.

The game unfolds the narrative of a lone wolf integrating into a wolf pack, led by the distinguished head wolf. Various mission tasks encapsulate the responsibilities and challenges the wolf must navigate within the pack. Players undergo minor tests to assimilate into the wolf pack, learning survival and hunting skills, along with the intricacies of group hunting alongside fellow wolves.

The journey includes moments of solitary confrontations with formidable predators, as well as collaborative efforts when facing larger and stronger adversaries alongside the wolf pack. For those yearning to immerse themselves in the life of a wolf, this game offers an ideal opportunity.

*Feeding Behavior:
Upon a successful hunt, approaching a deceased animal allows the wolf to consume the prey, replenishing its vital force.

*Hunting Strategy:
When hunting, approach prey cautiously from the front to avoid detection. Move to the back of the prey before initiating a slow and deliberate attack.

Download Life Of Wolf 2014 FREE game for android

Thank you for your interest in the Life Of Wolf 2014 FREE game. To download the game and enjoy its unique features, please follow the official steps below:

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  2. On the page, click the “Download APK” button to initiate the download and installation process.
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English and 69 more
Works on Android 2.3.4+
69.1 MB
Age Rating
TeenViolence, Blood
Adventure Games

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Rating & Reviews
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Life Of Wolf 2014 FREE is a mobile game that simulates the life of a wolf in the wild. Players take on the role of a wolf and experience various aspects of the wolf's life, including hunting, surviving, and exploring the virtual environment. It is available for free on mobile platforms, providing an immersive and realistic wildlife experience.
To play the game, you can download and install it from the respective app store on your mobile device. Once installed, launch the game and follow on-screen instructions to control your wolf character. The game typically involves hunting for food, avoiding predators, and completing various missions or challenges to progress. Controls may vary, but they generally include on-screen buttons or touch gestures.
Life Of Wolf 2014 FREE includes several features to enhance the gaming experience. These may include realistic 3D graphics, a vast open-world environment, a variety of prey and predators, day-night cycles, and different weather conditions. The game may also have a leveling system, allowing your wolf character to grow and improve its abilities over time.
While the base game is free to download and play, Life Of Wolf 2014 FREE may offer in-app purchases. These purchases could include virtual items, power-ups, or additional content that enhances the gameplay. It's important to check the game's description on the app store or within the game itself to understand the available in-app purchases and their impact on your gaming experience.
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