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About Rovercraft 2 game

In the epic car driving game, one can build and craft their vehicle. Racing and climbing uphill are essential components!

RoverCraft 2, the succeeding series of car games, boasts over 10 million installations. If someone enjoys straining their brain and solving puzzles, has an inclination for casual games, loves adventure games, or is crazy about arcade racing, they are fortunate because RoverCraft 2 encompasses all these aspects. Hill climbing to reach the mothership and discovering new features in racing games is the aim. Driving ahead is the key!

Discover the latest features in the car game:

📱 Enhanced game graphics

🪐 Various locations with off-road obstacles

🟧 Cargoes: Safely deliver them

💳 Collect new currency: Key Cards. Use them to obtain the Supply Box

⭐ Unlock Star Pass and receive more awesome rewards

✅ Complete space missions and unveil undiscovered planets

🏎️ Build a rover in a sporty style

👨‍🚀 Design the driver with new cosmonaut skins

⚙️ Customize the tank with new vehicle parts

The hill climber is encouraged to consider building and racing craft as a real puzzle. Refreshing memory and highlighting the main points in the cars casual adventure, the mantra is to BUILD & DRIVE & UPGRADE ROVER.

Equip the vehicle with engines, reactors, and super wheels. Tune it for maximum speed, ensuring it can overcome any off-road, acid puddle, or mud. The weight of the rover matters, so pay attention to in-game advice. Extreme driving experience is guaranteed. Drive cautiously along smashy roads, keeping an eye on the battery level, vehicle, and unit safety. Plan every action wisely in online racing games, utilizing all possible driver and hill climb skills!

Unlocking planet by planet is the goal. Conquer numerous galaxy planets such as Amaris, Efemena, Marena, Icelli, Toxipie, and Seara with dozens of challenging missions. Each planet has its climate and natural obstacles. The more challenging the racing, the more precious rewards one receives. The challenge is to hill climb on exotic planets and become a cars game master. A space adventure awaits!

Completing daily tasks has become more convenient. Choose the mission and track it during the car race: general, time-limited, and full weight. Resources are now more accessible in buggy racing, providing coins, key cards, crystals, and even cosmonaut skins.

Utilizing the Star Pass, one can race cars and collect even more stars on the planet tracks. Check the new reward system in the driving puzzle.

The team appreciates feedback and strives to make the arcade driving game better. Wishing everyone fun in the racing game, despite its occasional challenges. Full throttle and race on!

Download Rovercraft 2 game for android

Thank you for your interest in the Rovercraft 2 game. To download the game and enjoy its unique features, please follow the official steps below:

  1. Click on the app’s Download icon to open its page.
  2. On the page, click the “Download APK” button to initiate the download and installation process.
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Works on Android 5.1+
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To upgrade your vehicle in Rovercraft 2, go to the garage section. Here, you can improve various components of your rover, such as engines, wheels, and body parts. Use the in-game currency and resources earned during races to purchase upgrades. Experiment with different combinations to enhance your rover's performance and overcome more challenging terrains.
The most effective way to earn coins and resources in Rovercraft 2 is by participating in races and completing missions. Each race and mission completion rewards you with valuable in-game currency. Additionally, watch out for daily and special events, as they often offer bonus rewards. Make sure to log in regularly to claim daily rewards and take advantage of opportunities to upgrade your rover.
To unlock new levels and terrains in Rovercraft 2, you need to progress through the game by successfully completing races and missions. As you earn stars and achievements, new areas and challenges will unlock. Ensure that your rover is well-upgraded to tackle the increasing difficulty of each level. Exploring new terrains will also provide access to different resources, contributing to further upgrades and customization.
Yes, Rovercraft 2 offers a variety of customization options for your rover's appearance. In the garage, navigate to the "Customization" section, where you can change the paint color, apply decals, and modify other visual elements of your rover. Some customization options may be unlocked as you progress through the game or achieve specific milestones. Experiment with different combinations to give your rover a unique and personalized look.
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