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About Skip-Bo game

Skip-Bo™ presents a refreshing twist on solitaire card games, appealing to card game enthusiasts of all kinds, and it’s now officially accessible on mobile devices!

This innovative approach to the traditional solitaire card game will captivate players, keeping them engrossed and unable to resist playing.

Much like sudoku and coloring, Skip-Bo™ demands strategic thinking to tackle challenges. With its straightforward rules and captivating gameplay, it has risen to prominence in the realm of card games, attracting players of diverse ages and skill levels.

▶ ▶ A Timeless Favorite! ◀◀

Skip-Bo™ has garnered a loyal following and millions of fans worldwide. Now, you can relish the authentic Skip-Bo experience, just as you remember it! Play offline from anywhere or dive into online matches with friends. Skip-Bo™ offers a surplus of enjoyable moments!

▶ ▶ Play and Explore! ◀◀

A multitude of levels awaits your conquering! Traverse a beautifully illustrated world as you complete levels and advance through various maps. Gather heaps of coins on your journey! This farm adventure mode transforms solitaire into a captivating show!

▶ ▶ Tailor Your Adventure! ◀◀

Regardless of whether you’re a novice to Skip-Bo™, a dedicated enthusiast, a solitaire aficionado, or simply seeking a refresher, there are levels suitable for everyone! New levels are regularly introduced, challenging your strategic and card-playing skills. Your goal: clear the pyramid of Stock cards to emerge victorious!

▶ ▶ Exciting New Events Await! ◀◀

Participate in thrilling events within Skip-Bo, where you can secure exquisite card backs and avatar frames every season!

▶ ▶ Download and Play for Free Today! ◀◀

Just like Mattel’s other iconic brands such as Barbie, UNO, and Phase 10, Skip-Bo has brought joy to countless players over the years. Download now to relive the fun, connecting with friends and family online, anytime, anywhere!

Stay tuned for more updates.




Download Skip-Bo game for android

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2. On the page, click the “Download APK” button to initiate the download and installation process.

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Mattel163 Limited
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Works on Android 4.4+
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Mattel163 Limited
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Rating & Reviews
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Skip-Bo is a popular card game that involves strategy and sequencing. The objective is to be the first player to deplete your stockpile of cards by building numerical sequences in ascending order. Players use a deck of numbered cards and special "Skip-Bo" cards to achieve this. To play, you must create stacks in the center of the playing area in numerical order, and players can also build on each other's stacks.
Skip-Bo is typically designed for 2 to 6 players. The game is best enjoyed with a larger group, but it can be adapted for smaller groups as well. When played with more people, the game tends to become more dynamic and strategic, as players interact with each other's stacks and try to impede opponents' progress.
Skip-Bo includes special cards, known as "Skip-Bo" cards, which are wild and can be used to represent any number. Additionally, there are also "1" cards that act as universal wild cards. Players can strategically use these cards to continue building on their own piles or to block opponents. Understanding how to strategically deploy these special cards is crucial for success in the game.
In Skip-Bo, scoring occurs at the end of each round. Players earn points based on the cards remaining in their opponents' stockpiles. The player who successfully depletes their stockpile first receives a bonus, while the remaining players incur penalty points for the cards left in their stockpiles. The game is typically played over multiple rounds, and the player with the lowest total score at the end of the agreed-upon number of rounds is declared the overall winner.
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