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Demons’ Bond / Romantic visual novel

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About Demons’ Bond / Romantic visual novel Game

In the realm of Otomate games, Demons’ Bond presents a captivating and heartrending love story. Android Q users are notified that the application seeks permission to access device storage to save progress and data, ensuring the utmost privacy and data protection.

A collaborative effort between Idea Factory and NTT Solmare, “Demons’ Bond -The path of exile-” marks the latest installment in the series, exclusively available on the mobile platform. As an Otomate creation, it joins the ranks of acclaimed titles such as “Hakuoki,” “Scarlet Fate,” and “Amnesia.”

Set in the Warring States period in Japan, the narrative unfolds after the passing of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, as warlords vie for dominance. Against the backdrop of the impending battle of Sekigahara, where major daimyos align with Eastern and Western Armies, demons lurk in the shadows, avoiding human entanglements.

The protagonist, a member of the Ten-Demon Alliance, is tasked with protecting Princess Yase, the alliance’s leader. However, an unexpected attack leaves the princess weakened and in a deep slumber. The Ten-Demon Alliance chieftains, including the heroine, embark on a quest to unveil the assailants. Yet, they discover demons within their ranks colluding with humans in violation of sacred commandments.

The protagonist shoulders the mission of awakening the slumbering princess and quelling demon interference in human affairs, navigating a complex narrative set in the Warring States period.

Key Features:
1) A poignant love story unfolds amid the tumultuous Warring Time, as the heroine believes in the bond with fellow demons and discovers true love.
2) The bold actions of the heroine, driven by her commitment to her demon comrades, unfold against a backdrop of worry and recklessness.
3) Gorgeous visuals and a captivating background score enhance the grandeur of the narrative.

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About NTT Solmare:
NTT Solmare focuses on bringing Japanese visual novels and Otome games to a global audience. Players are encouraged to enjoy their games and provide valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Download Demons’ Bond / Romantic visual novel game for android

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  2. On the page, click the “Download APK” button to initiate the download and installation process.
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Rating & Reviews
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Demons' Bond explores a unique blend of romance and fantasy, where players navigate a world where humans and demons coexist. The central theme revolves around the challenges and complexities of forming romantic bonds between characters from different worlds. Unlike traditional romantic visual novels, Demons' Bond incorporates supernatural elements and delves into the consequences of love transcending boundaries.
Players have the power to shape the narrative and influence character relationships through their choices. Decision points throughout the game can lead to various story branches, affecting character dynamics, plot twists, and ultimately determining the outcome of romantic arcs. Each choice carries weight, adding replay value as players explore different paths and endings.
Demons' Bond features a rich and diverse cast, including humans and demons with their own unique backgrounds and personalities. Each character faces individual challenges, be it societal prejudices, cultural differences, or personal struggles. The game explores how these challenges impact their romantic journeys, fostering a deeper connection between players and the characters they interact with.
Demons' Bond offers multiple endings, providing players with a dynamic and immersive experience. The endings vary based on the choices made throughout the game, offering a sense of agency and personalization. Some endings may be heartwarming, while others could be bittersweet or even challenging, allowing players to explore the consequences of their decisions and encouraging replayability to discover all possible outcomes.
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